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A sympathetic, if quite unsentimental, treatment of the natural world, or the rural one at least, does run throughout his poetry, but so do the themes of love, family relationships, the nature and power of art, and that time-honoured subject of poetry – the fragility and transitoriness of life itself… His art is often the elegant understatement which seems to deny art, but which is in fact one of its highest forms. — David McCordick, Scottish Literature in the Twentieth Century

Underwood cover thumbnail
Mariscat, 2022

Other Worlds cover thumbnail
Other Worlds
Polygon, 2022

Aspects of Edinburgh cover thumbnail
Aspects of Edinburgh
Scotland Street Press, 2019

Against the Light cover thumbnail
Against The Light
Mariscat, 2016

The Touch of Time cover thumbnail
The Touch of Time: New and Selected Poems
Bloodaxe, 2014

Estuary cover thumbnail
Mariscat Press, 2012

The Breakfast  Room cover thumbnail

The Breakfast Room                              
Bloodaxe 2010
2011 Scottish Mortgage Investment Trust Poetry Book of the Year

The Loving Cup cover thumbnail
The Loving Cup
Mariscat Press, 2007

Ghosts at Cockcrow cover thumbnail
Ghosts At Cockcrow                              
Bloodaxe 2005

Stolen Light cover thumbnail
Stolen Light: Selected Poems
Bloodaxe 1999


About his poems there hover ghosts of rhymes, as if the world is held together by a certain frailty, to which the main answers are love and compassion.  His is the poetry of a concerned, humane man, who recognises that our virtues are hard fought for and that our good fortune is very vulnerable and brittle. — Iain Crichton Smith, The Scotsman 

In the Blood cover thumbnail

In The Blood
Bloodaxe 1995

At the Aviary cover thumbnail At the Aviary
Snailpress (South Africa) 1995

Luncheon of the Boating Party cover thumbnail The Luncheon Of The Boating Party
Bloodaxe 1992

In The Kibble Palace cover thumbnail In The Kibble Palace
Bloodaxe 1987

Under the Ice

Under The Ice
Hutchinson 1978

An Ear to the Ground An Ear To The Ground
Hutchinson 1972

Stoats in the Sunlight Stoats In The Sunlight
Hutchinson 1968