This collaboration memorably evokes Edinburgh past and present. Stewart Conn's often wryly meditative poems are infused by the history and character of an ever-changing city in all its grandeur, discordance and frivolousness; while the drawings of his neighbour and friend John Knight, formerly a Principal Architect with Historic Scotland, conjure up the spirit and atmosphere of the Old and  New Town, and hint at a city of glorious panoramas. And while there are several direct pairings of poem and illustration, it is in the way word and image not only complement but contrast with one another that the volume captures the imagination.


A beautiful memento of Scotland's capital.
Scottish Poetry Library website

Everyone who loves Edinburgh will cherish this book.
Donald Smith/Edinburgh Old Town Association newsletter

Aspects of Edinburgh is a delightful expression of a unity and completeness of vision. There is a unity of detail; a journey – a kind of pilgrimage – through the city; a rare unity of text and illustration: each completely complements, and compliments, the other.” -
James Aitchison



Aspects of Edinburgh front cover

Charlotte Square

Facing due east is the symmetrical facade
of St. George's church. Adam's design
discarded, yet harmonious, its coffered
dome imposing on Edinburgh's skyline,

it stands aloof from the traffic
encircling the Square, the din and fumes
where bedecked fillies once clopped. I jump back
as a souped-up motor-cycle zooms

too close for comfort. In the garden
are thousands of blue and yellow crocuses
where Lord Cockburn stood to listen
to the corncrakes in the dewy grass.

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